Zenobia the Musical

I am afraid I know almost nothing about this, but as this is the Internet I am not going to let that stop me.

Sorry this video has been removed.  I hear a production is in progress in Illinois, so hopefully some trailer will make it onto YouTube at some point. 

I have just come across this rather amazing Youtube video of a musical version of the life of Zenobia.  I am a bit behind the times because it seems to have been put on in Dubai in 2008.  And boy must it have been spectacular judging the by the clip with a huge cast up to and including horses and camels.  The music sounds pretty good too.

It is good to see Zenobia getting some decent billing and being portrayed in a positive light.  I have previously covered the full story of Zenobia but I don’t know how well she is known in the Arab world – though I guess this musical must have raised her profile whatever it was.  I hope some people were inspired.

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  1. Thank you Judith. You are of course the go-to person for all things Zenobia.

    Anyone interested in finding out more should of course get across to Judith's blog where she has done some actual research.

    But watch the clip first, it really is spectacular.

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