Debunking Myths about Hadrian’s Wall

Was the Roman Empire stopped in its tracks by the Scots?  (Hint: No)

The Internet being what it is, there are probably quite a few walls blogging nowadays.  But I think it is fair to say that there are only two walls that probably deserve a blog.  The Great Wall of China should, and for all I know does, have one.  And of course Hadrian’s Wall has enough charisma to pull off regular updates.

And the wall does indeed have a very good blog called Hadrianswallalive devoted to it.

The most recent blog post is devoted to moaning about an apparently poor programme by Neil Oliver.  I haven’t seen that particular one but I do know his work and he is certainly capable of remarkably low standards.

But in any case they are planning a week of Hadrian’s Wall Myth debunking which I will be following with interest.  The one I would most like to know the answer to, is was the wall of any actual use militarily?

One thought on “Debunking Myths about Hadrian’s Wall

  1. I'll answer that one.

    The life of the Wall was give or take 300 years. Over that liftime Rome went through a gradual decline due to internal strife and increasing pressures on its fontiers.

    The army in Britain saw a gradual decrease in its size due to troops being taken out of the country and wanna be emperors taking them across into europe.

    Just use WW2 as an example of Germany trying to fight on several fronts and just not having enough troops to do it.

    So fortifications auch as Hadrian's Wall only work is you always have enough quality troops to go out beyond it and kick regular butt.

    Also the Roman army who built and first manned Hadrian's Wall was a shadow of the later Roman army as it went through major changes.

    Thanks for the write up on my blog and hope Neil Oliver stops by.

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