Was the Roman Empire stopped in its tracks by the Scots?  (Hint: No)

The Internet being what it is, there are probably quite a few walls blogging nowadays.  But I think it is fair to say that there are only two walls that probably deserve a blog.  The Great Wall of China should, and for all I know does, have one.  And of course Hadrian’s Wall has enough charisma to pull off regular updates.

And the wall does indeed have a very good blog called Hadrianswallalive devoted to it.

The most recent blog post is devoted to moaning about an apparently poor programme by Neil Oliver.  I haven’t seen that particular one but I do know his work and he is certainly capable of remarkably low standards.

But in any case they are planning a week of Hadrian’s Wall Myth debunking which I will be following with interest.  The one I would most like to know the answer to, is was the wall of any actual use militarily?


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