The Holy Roman Empire gets written out of European history to a large extent.  This is despite having been founded by Charlemagne and ended by Napoleon and having played a big part in the history of wide chunks of Europe in between.

There is a great book to be written about it.  Unfortunately this isn’t that book.  It isn’t that it is a bad book.  In fact it is a very good book in its way.  It gives you a lot of information about the way the whole thing worked and plenty of the kind of nitty gritty that appeals to people who are really interested in a subject.  What it doesn’t do is give you much reason why should care about this institution.

I normally write scripts for podcasts and then mildly edit them into blog posts, but on this one I simply turned the camera on and started speaking.  So if you are interested in more on this book you’ll have to listen to video.



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