I have previously written about how much I love my Kindle.  Sadly, like many love affairs, the relationship has come to a sudden and bitter ending when one of the parties let the other one down out of the blue.

I woke up a few days ago to find that the screen had frozen.  The files are still all there underneath, and with a bit of memory I can load up files that I know are on it.  I can even listen to them using the audio function.

What I can’t do is read them, which for an e-reader is an unacceptable lack of functionality.  I tried running the charge down, charging it back up.   I reset it.  I left it unobserved for a weekend in the hope it would put itself right.  It was all in vain, it still doesn’t work.

As the unit is 18 months old I think it has gone past its guarantee period so I am left with something that now functions only as an inconveniently large USB storage device.  As all my Kindle documents are up in the cloud I can still read them on my phone, but it isn’t the same.  It is a real shame.  Logically I should just go out and buy another one since the price is low enough that even if it conks out after 18 months I still have got loads and loads of use out of it.  And the chances are that I was simply unlucky and that a replacement will last for years.

But affairs of the heart are never logical. I feel abandoned and betrayed.  I might have to look elsewhere for comfort.


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