Have you ever had two tabs open on your browser and found an unexpected connection between the pages?  Here’s a thing. Is there something relating these two?  In one there is a story about conservative Anglicans in London who have come up with a great wheeze.  They have set up an organisation called the Southwark Good Stewards Company.  This is a way of making sure their cash doesn’t fund congregations that support liberal things like toleration of homosexuals. 

And right next to it is a Scientific American article reviewing some research that indicates what a lot of us have suspected for years is right.  Vociferous homophobia is correlated with high levels of arousal on exposure to homosexual images.  Or overcompensation, in other words.

To be fair, I am sympathetic to people who don’t want to fund things they don’t approve of.  But I wonder if this is actually not so much a split as a tiff.



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