It didn’t occur to me until I came across this blog post over on the dependable Mybyzantine blog, that I had never read any Turkish historian’s account of anything about either the Ottoman or the Byzantine Empires.
Proverbs6to10 has now put this right by posting an article from GÖKNUR AKÇADAĞ.  I have to be honest and say that it is a short article and I don’t think it is in itself particularly illuminating.  But despite this it has made me realise that I tend to think of 1453 when Constantinople was captured by the Ottomans as mainly significant as the end of the Eastern Roman Empire and to forget that it was also the start of another empire that was to have a huge impact on history.  I also realised that I have not thought to look into what the modern day inhabitants of Turkey – for whom I suppose the Ottoman empire is even more distant than the British empire is to us in the UK – have to say about it all.

Well I have one author’s name to look out for now.

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