I am not going to make a habit of posting updates on what I am up to, but I thought a bit of explanation of what is going on might be of interest to my small but perfectly formed band of followers.  First off, I am writing new stuff for this blog faster than I ever have before.  I have 5 (count them!) episodes written and recorded and ready to publish.  I have several more scripts written and ready to go.  I am hanging back on them because I am in the process of transferring the old ones to a new host.  I have been using Dropbox which is a great, and free, short term expedient.  But it didn’t support all the things I wanted so I have switched over to LibSyn.  It is taking me a while to transfer the old ones to the new host.  There is a limit to how much you can upload in a given month so I can’t do it all in one go.

The other thing that is holding me back is that I have just submitted the podcast to iTunes, and I am waiting anxiously to see whether or not they are approved.  I have a cunning plan for how I am going to promote the podcast if Apple doesn’t like what I am doing, but in the mean time I will be holding back on the new stuff.

Thanks for reading and/or listening and I hope I will catch up with myself and be getting some new stuff out soon.

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