I have been beavering away on this project and I have a couple more Gibbon’s lined up now.  I haven’t posted them yet because I want to catch up on the YouTube channel.  I now have a small but highly select group of followers, characterised by impeccable taste, keen judgment, surprising good looks and huge reproductive potential.
  Up until the last few weeks I have been able to treat this blog as pretty much a personal notebook as the traffic from the interwebs has been pretty close to zero statistically.  But now I have an audience I will have to try and up my game a bit.

It is extremely unlucky that I have ended up simultaneously at almost exactly the same point in time in the history of Rome as Mike Duncan.  In fact he is now a reign ahead of me.   I don’t suppose this is a problem for anyone else – though it does make mine look like a me-too.  But it gives me a problem because I know if I listen to Mike’s account he will influence me and I really will be imitating him.   So until I can get some more scripts written I can’t listen to the Mike’s podcast which is normally the highlight of my week.  As I am sticking to Gibbon’s text and Mike is no doubt going to do his own thing I am sure that the two narratives are going to diverge pretty soon.

I also intend to submit the podcasts to iTunes soon.  I am basically scared to do this because I think they may not be good enough and the rejection would be hard to bear.   But given that I am now getting some positive feedback I will bite the bullet and do it.

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