I am now actively working on this project again. The easy bit has been rereading the book – I am half way through volume 3 and enjoying it immensely. My current ambition is to record a 10-15 minute podcast for every chapter, which taken together would give a feel for what the book is about.

My first draft on Chapter 1 is below. So far, I have just about worked out how to record a video file, and I am dabbling with including graphics. I think it will be good to have a video version on the blog with illustrations if I can do them without taking up too much time. I can’t use my talking head because I have to read from notes and in any case nobody is going to be interested in seeing my face.

I need to work out how to edit the sound to make it sound better, and how to strip out the audio track for the real objective which is a podcast.

I am surprised how difficult it is to write a script that sounds okay when read out, and how hard it is to sound normal when you are recording. I think I have a long learning curve ahead of me.

As my current level of traffic is zero, I think I can risk putting my work in progress up live on the net as nobody but me is going to see it. I can come back and improve it as I go along. I am going to skip Chapter 2 for now and go straight onto Chapter 3 for my next script. When I have done that I will probably forge ahead with Chapter 4 then come back and try and improve this very shoddy effort. Chapter 2 is probably the most difficult one of the whole book so I might leave that for a while until I have some experience to draw on.


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