Hamlet by Johnny Hallyday – the worst thing ever

Johnny Hallyday needs no introduction to the French speaking world, but despite a career that is now over fifty years old you can still not assume that anglophones have even heard of him.  Those that have tend to be a bit bemused.  Back in the early sixties Johnny Hallyday made the momentous decision to sing songs in the style of Elvis Presley but in French.  It was a sensation, and he has never looked back.  He rapidly became a huge star in France and has remained one ever since.  Only a few years ago a concert in Paris had half a million people trying to get tickets.  In the days when these things mattered, his records sold in the millions.  In pure numerical terms his sales make him one of the major figures of the rock world.  When you consider that his success is limited geographically to France, Belgium and parts of Switzerland and Canada it is even more remarkable. Continue reading Hamlet by Johnny Hallyday – the worst thing ever