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I have been doing this blog for many years now. I started off in I think 2008 on Blogger and have been putting up posts reasonably regularly ever since. I have never thought for a minute that it would ever be more than a very minority interest. It certainly isn’t the kind of thing that can develop into a business opportunity. Relatively few people read history books. Even if they did it takes about 6 to 16 hours to read a history book, and another couple of hours to write a review. And they aren’t very high value items. The numbers just don’t stack up for it to be any more than a source of pocket money. If that in fact.

But I was pleasantly surprised with the stats I generated on the Blogger platform. It took a hit when I shifted to WordPress, but I thought that would just be a temporary hiatus. I was quite looking forward to building up enough of a following to get some discussions going and to have a community of like minded people with whom I could talk about the kinds of aspects of history that appeal to me.

But it really hasn’t happened. I get a few dozen visits on a good day. It is reasonably common to not even make it into double figures. And I don’t see any upward trend at all. This has been the story for years now. I have tried engaging with social media in the form of Facebook and Twitter. Facebook generates a steady stream of people asking to join my group, and there are some group members who from time post a comment, and a few more who are quite generous with their like button. But it hasn’t really impacted on people actually visiting the blog. There are a small number who do, but it is not really a great flood. As for Twitter, it is a very rare event indeed for anybody on Twitter to click on any of my links. Twitter is a platform I really enjoy and I spend a lot of time on it But given that I set up the acount specifically to draw attention to my blog I have to say that the return on investment has been terrible. I actually have a reasonable number of followers and get lots of retweets on the occaission that I come up with an amusing joke or pun, but this doesn’t translate into anyone looking at my blog. I can’t complain of course. If people follow you on Twitter for your banter, why would they be interested in anything else.

So I have a feeling that other social media won’t help much either.

After all this time it is time to acknowledge that I have no effective way of promoting this blog and that its readership is and is likely to remain miniscule. I still quite like the idea that in principle somebody could be reading it, and from time to time the odd post might actually get read by somebody. But the reality is that the bulk of what goes on it is never going to be seen by another human being ever.

I haven’t decided yet, but I may switch back to Blogger. I am not bothered by the small amount it costs to host it, but the Blogger setup is easier to use than the WordPress one. I don’t like the end result as much, but given how few people ever see it I am beginning to think that it isn’t worth the extra bother.


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  1. yea, I know what you mean… I have a painting website for years and I have at this point lost all enthusiasm to work on it… anyway, I was searching for some educational podcasts and you came up on a top 10 list…

  2. David

    Though I don’t comment often, I read nearly all your posts. I enjoy your wit and your perspective, I’m actually kind of surprised your number aren’t higher. Keep up the good work, as long as it’s rewarding for you somebody’s reading it.

  3. Francesca Thomas

    I love history as well but only discovered your old blog today when I was looking for a review about HG Wells History. I own a 1949 edition of a book called An Outline of History by HG Wells, that is 1100 pages long. I also discovered online a 139 page PDF called a SHORT history of the world by HG Wells. Are these two different books or is the shorter one just a summary of the longer one? I cant seem to find out anything for sure!! Thanks.

    • beautyscientist

      You would not want to read both of them because they are basically the same story, but the outline has a lot of stuff that isn’t in the short one. (I am HistoryScientist by the way, this is just another account.)

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