Live Blogging A Day of Aristotle’s Ethics

9.20 am In his Ethics Aristotle makes the proposition that the path of virtue lies on the mean between extremes.   That sounds reasonable, but how does it work in practice?  I thought I’d give it a go.  I’ll be updating my experiences on this as the day progresses.  I hope you find it interesting.  If you are reading this on the day, you can see how I am getting on by watching my twitter feed.  (But don’t follow it obsessively – that wouldn’t be keeping in with the spirit).

9.40 am I’ve just done a moderate 15 minutes work on my sword, sorcery and neoplatonic philosophy novel.   That seems a reasonable amount for a bank holiday Sunday so I’ll move on to breakfast.

11.35 am Right I’ve done my ironing.  Not an easy thing to do in a spirit of moderation but I tried not to go too mad on getting the shirts just so, and settled for okay.  I have also watched Michael Wood’s history of England programme.  That definitely conformed to the principle I am working to.  It is a nice mixture of folky, academic and story telling.  Very enjoyable.

15.00 pm Enjoying the boats on the telly, but not getting too excited about them.

17.15 pm Off to street party, but resolved not to get drunk.

22.50 pm Well that was an interesting experiment.  It turns out that following Aristotle’s advice is pretty much the same as the way I live my life anyway.

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