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    Revolutions usually have unexpected outcomes and never run according to the plans of the original revolutionaries. The Brexit revolution in the UK was originally intended as a way of neutralising a long standing Achilles heal of the Conservative Party. By holding a referendum the intention was to finally end the long running argument in the party about Britain’s relationship to the EU. As a side dish it was also hoped to minimise the impact of the anti-EU UKIP party.

    As I say, revolutions rarely turn out according to the instigators’ plans.

    One consequence that nobody foresaw was the creation of a new party. The Brexit Party is not just new in the sense of being recent, it is also doing things in a totally new way. It doesn’t have members. You can only register as a supporter. And it relies not on having a branch network of active campaigners but instead on a heavy outlay on professional marketing material dispersed largely via social media.

    Will this approach succeed?

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