Thatcher – Let’s not let the myth get out of hand


Margaret Thatcher was buried today,  and was given a burial that was consciously modelled on that of Winston Churchill.  It was fitting in one way – it was a bit of a jarring anachronism.  And that is pretty much what the woman was.  The cliché that the media hatched for coverage of her passing was that she was a divisive figure.  And so she was,  But I wonder if the Venn diagram looks quite how the reports implied.  Maybe the division was between the people who thought she did something important, whether good or bad, and those that wondered what all the fuss was about. Continue reading Thatcher – Let’s not let the myth get out of hand

Dangerous Nation – Robert Kagan

Expansion of the United States

America is and always has been a highly expansionist entity.  It has used diplomacy, commerce and outright military force to expand its influence over the globe and to promote its own interests.  It has been markedly successful in this project and is now the most powerful nation the world has ever seen. Continue reading Dangerous Nation – Robert Kagan